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Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Handicap Accessible

In Denver Real Estate, Home Improvement | on August, 31, 2012 | by | 0 Comments
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handicap accessible homes

It’s a sad fact of life that bad things happen to good people. The loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or a broken friendship just to name a few. In the world of Denver realty, we’ve had clients beset by numerous unfortunate events, but one of the most difficult to watch is when someone is robbed of their physical independence. But instead of searching for Real Estate in Colorado that is more handicap accessible, some homeowners have decided to retrofit their own homes. This allows them to not only remain independent, but continue living in a residence they are most comfortable with.
Here are some inexpensive improvements a Real Estate Agent Denver recommends that homeowners think about to make their homes handicap accessible.

  • In real estate school Denver, realtors are taught that it’s imperative to make a home entrance wheelchair accessible. The first improvement to be made to a home where the owner or a resident is wheelchair dependant is to add a wheelchair ramp leading from the sidewalk or driveway to the front entrance.
  • Make stairs easier to navigate by installing a vertical platform lift or stairway lift at every staircase in the residence. This will provide a sense of security and independence. Stairway lifts should swivel, allowing the operator to get in and out of the chair safely.
  • Many Homes for sale in Denver are carpeted throughout, but consider replacing carpet and tile as necessary. Carpeted floors can be a problem, so consider replacing plush carpets with low-pile carpets or rugs, or hardwood flooring. Cover or relocate any exposed cords on the floor so they don’t interfere with wheels.
  • A Denver Realtor also will tell you that doorway improvements are vital, as it’s difficult to navigate through a doorway while in a wheelchair. Make passing through a doorway a safer and more pleasant experience for yourself or loved one by widening the doorway, removing doors if possible, and changing the direction in which a door opens.
  • Replace or lower doorknobs.
  • A Real Estate Agent in Denver, CO may also tell you to add transitions or threshold ramps. All floors should be level, and problem transitions should be evened out to avoid catching or tripping. Threshold ramps are ideal for entranceways with a small step between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Kitchen and bath improvements

Anyone with a real estate license Denver will advise that two areas in any home that represent independence are the kitchen and bathroom. Here are some ideas for both.

  • Sink access can be improved by removing cabinet doors below the sink to accommodate a wheelchair, and to replace faucet handles or knobs with levers. Cabinets and countertops can be lowered, while stand alone stoves can be replaced with lower-height wall units.
  • In the bathroom, grab bars at the toilet and shower areas are essential, while pedestal sinks are easier to maneuver around for someone in a wheelchair. Tubs and showers benefit from anti-slip surfaces, while shower heads can be replaced with hand held shower kits.

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