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Boost Your Chances of a Successful Sale By Avoiding these Real Estate Blunders

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Sell your home in DenverBuyers, sellers and every real estate agent in Colorado (and the rest of the country!) know that it’s a buyer’s market. The market is still recovering and buyers have the power and many more options available to them than they would have had in years gone by. This means that they don’t have to buy your home, because there’s probably dozens of other properties located close by that meet their requirements and fall within their budget. If you’re a seller, this means you have to “step your game up” if you are to have any chance of selling your property and it’s absolutely essential that you avoid doing anything that could make your property a less attractive buying proposition. If you’re not sure exactly what could put prospective buyers off, keep reading as we’re going to point out some of the fundamental errors that sellers make on a regular basis.

Some of the Most Serious Errors Home Sellers Make

To get from the point of deciding you want to move and putting your home up for sale to the point of placing a “sold” sign outside your home is not as straightforward as it once was and some homeowners have found it almost impossible. However, no matter what anyone tells you, it is still possible to sell your home and get a good price even in these dark economic times. While the following tips might not guarantee you a sale, they will almost certainly help!

  • Don’t Overprice Your Property – Just like the price of stocks and shares, the value of your home can fluctuate and you have to accept that your property is probably not worth the same amount now as it was 10 years ago when “times were good.” Probably just like every other Denver realtor, we see people fail to accept this fact on a regular basis, clinging on to the tiny scrap of hope that they could still get the amount it was valued at back then. Don’t make this same mistake, price your home according to current market conditions otherwise you could find that your home claims a permanent position in the “for sale” section of your real estate agent’s window.
  • Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Realtor – Now more than ever before people are searching for ways to save money on everything they do, including when selling their home. This is rarely a good idea though unless you’ve sold several homes before, especially given the large amount of money that’s at stake in such a transaction. There’s a whole number of legal issues that you could “walk into” without being aware of and you would be liable should you violate any type of law that is applicable in Colorado state. A professional realtor on the other hand is well aware of what must be done to comply with the system and furthermore they are aware of whether any offer that is made is “hot” or not and can most probably negotiate much better than you, having had considerably more experience; there’s no place for being “polite” when the bulk of your life savings are probably at stake.
  • Don’t Avoid Addressing Issues with Your Property – When buyers come to view your property they will be checking whether the property needs any money spending on it after they move in. If your home is littered with serious issues that are going to take a significant cash injection to resolve, this will always affect any offer that is made, and in many cases it will put them off altogether. Also, if you’re not honest about these issues upfront that hardly builds trust and potential buyers might start to wonder what else you’ve failed to tell them.
  • Don’t Forget to Tidy Up Before Viewings – While items that you might leave lying around aren’t core parts of your home and won’t be there if the buyer does purchase your property, they have to be able to imagine themselves living in your home and mess doesn’t help them get there. With your stuff all over the place this thought process becomes much more difficult and lowers your chances of receiving an offer. It’s wise to gather up any items that stamp your identity on the property before they arrive (such as family photos and knick-knacks) and make the property appear as neutral as you can.
  • Don’t Get Annoyed at Low Bids – We will tell you now that you probably will get a few cheeky offers from buyers that are hoping to get lucky, but rather than seeing this as an annoyance, you should see it as an opportunity. They’ve opened the negotiations and you now have a place to start from. Just because they came in with a low offer doesn’t mean that they don’t have the finances available to be able to pay the price you’re really looking for and you already know that they like your property so use that to drive the price upwards.

If you are thinking of selling a property you have in Denver and would like some professional advice, get in touch with our team today.

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