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Follow These Simple Packing Tips When Moving Into A New Home

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The thought of moving into a new home brings with it a multitude of feelings: Excitement, anxiety, doubts about whether buying a house in this economy was the best idea – even doubts about how you’re going to get all of your belongings packed and moved into your new home.

Here are some tips a Denver Real Estate Agent may be able to offer to help your packing go smoother and your move even more productive.

Tips to follow

  1. If you’ve said to yourself “I want to Sell my house in Denver,” then it’s time to be selective. Start by parting with all the knickknacks you’ve accumulated over the years. Some of the items you may not have any need for could be sold online.
  2. When you start to pack, categorize similar items together into the same boxes. A Real Estate Agent in Denver, CO can help you figure this out. In the long run, after the stress of moving subsides, unpacking and organizing your belongings in your new home will be much easier if you know where they are to begin with.
  3. Buy a labeler. This is a simple way to label boxes individually so there’s no confusion where they belong – making it easier for you or whomever’s doing the move.
  4. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in real estate school denver, it’s to keep your emotions in check. Lurking behind all of this could be the need to achieve something better – a bigger home, safer neighborhood, better schools for your children – without giving yourself time to settle into a new surrounding and giving all the ingredients time to come together like a good stew.
  5. century 21 denver recommends you take your time. As a buyer, you have more time to move out than you would as a seller, so if at all possible give yourself a weekend to move in. Compressing the schedule could lead to costly mistakes.
  6. Now that you’ve made your decision based on the denver real estate listings, just come to grips with your decision, remember why you made it, and go from there. Welcome the challenges of moving into a new home, and take solace in the fact there’s no turning back.
  7. Buy packing supplies, including boxes and bubble wraps. Large, Rubbermaid-style containers are nice, but they’re incredibly bulky. And old newspaper paper may be cheap, but will it really protect a cherished porcelain vase as well as bubble wrap.
  8. Consider using a professional mover, and not just a Realtor in Denver. Friends and family can be a terrific support network, but moving can be very stressful, and do you want to risk a relationship over an argument about which boxes go in the garage, and which should be placed in the basement?
  9. Choose the right sized moving van. If you’re a single person or a newlywed moving from an apartment or parent’s home into your first residence, then a towable trailer may be large enough. But if you’re moving a whole house from one location to another, a larger moving van – something in the 16 to 20 foot range, may be optimal for your needs.
  10. Finally, have fun. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, so why not enjoy the moment? A travel agent denver may even recommend a nice vacation afterward to recover.

Buying and moving into a new home should be the experience of a lifetime, so make it worth it– and easier — by following these common sense tips.

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