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The Most Important Things to Remember When Leaving Your Old Home

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moving from old home checklistYou’ve received an offer for your home that you’re happy with and you’re going to accept. Once you’ve exchanged contracts and you receive the money that will be that, right? Many homeowners get so caught up in the process of actually selling their home that they forget that once they do that, there’s still a lot of work to be done as they prepare to move out. Before we discuss anything else, we must point out that it is extremely important that you hang on to all paperwork related to the sale of your home, as you will need this when it comes time to file your taxes and then again afterwards if you are audited. It’s also vitally important that you carefully review the HUD-1 Settlement Statement before you close and hand over the keys since this will display all of the fees and charges that both you and the buyer will incur as a result of your home sale. This is something that a realtor in Denver will be able to assist you with. Switching the focus back to what to do after you’ve sold your home, we’re now going to outline what you have to do before you walk out of the door of your old home for the very last time.

Don’t Forget to Do the Following Before Moving Out of Your Old Home

If the real estate agent in Denver you have been working with has done their job well and sold your home for a price that either met or exceeded your expectations, you’re probably feeling a mixture of emotions right now; on the one hand it’s often hard for homeowners to let go of their old property but on the other it’s exciting to start the next phase of your life. Whatever you are feeling right now it’s important to take care of the following before vacating the property and allowing the new owners to move in.

Hire Professional Movers

With so much going on you don’t need the added stress of having to try and cram everything you own into your vehicles (and probably damaging numerous items in the process) or hiring a moving truck and trying to impersonate the professionals. Just opt for professionals in the first place; often they aren’t much more expensive than doing the job yourself and you can rest assured knowing that everything is going to be handled properly and that the chances of breakages occurring are minimal.

Contact All Your Service Providers

It’s easy to forget to do this which can lead to problems with the new owners. If you don’t cancel your subscriptions to these services, the bills will keep coming, only this time they’ll fall into the hands of the new owners. Having been a leading real estate agent in Denver for a number of years, we’ve seen this problem numerous times and it’s something that can really irritate the people that purchase your home. Make a list of all services that you currently use such as cable TV, telephone, internet, energy companies; then take some time out to call each one and tell them you would like to terminate your agreement with them on the day that you move. If you have already purchased a new home and have been especially satisfied with one of the services that you use, it might be possible to “take it with you” rather than cancelling.

Let the World Know that You’re Moving

The fact that you’ve sold your home isn’t going to make the news, meaning unless you let people know that you’re moving no-one will know. Start by letting friends and family know and then let your bank, credit card companies and any other financial institutions you deal with know of your relocation. Even if you think you’ve told everybody, the chances are high that you’ve forgotten somebody so it’s always a good idea to explore the possibility of using a mail forwarding service so that the new owners of your home don’t receive any of your mail.

Hire a Cleaning Company

You’ve likely got work and family life to juggle in addition to packing all of your belongings in preparation for the move; the last thing you need to be doing is making sure all surfaces in your home are clean, ready for the arrival of the new owners. While you are not obliged to leave the property in “mint” condition it will certainly cause a good impression and reduce the likelihood of any complications arising, which, as anyone that went to real estate school in Denver will tell you, is the last thing on earth that you want.

If you’ve decided to sell your home in the Denver area and you’re looking to work with a realtor that has years of industry experience and a thorough understanding¬† of the local market, get in touch with us today.

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