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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Realtor

In Denver Real Estate | on July, 26, 2012 | by | 0 Comments
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choose your real estate agentA Real Estate Agent in Denver should be evaluated just like any other professional, but too often a buyer or seller hurriedly selects the first face they see plastered to the side of a public bus or park bench. People often think all realtors are created equal, which couldn’t be further from the truth. When looking through the denver real estate listings and thinking about selecting a Real Estate Agent in Colorado, be sure to avoid the following mistakes.


Your real estate company denver provides all its associates with regular training and education opportunities to keep up with changing laws and regulations, but not all real estate agencies do that. The level of training and education can vary widely, so it’s always a good idea to research the level of schooling and certification for a realtor in question, otherwise a decision could be made based on a false assumption.

Low-balling the other guy

Buying and selling homes isn’t government work, and the lowest bidder isn’t always the best agent for your business. A Realtor in Denver always like to remind consumers there’s an old adage that “you get what you pay for,” so don’t always pick the realtor who undercuts the other guy, or offers a lower commission.

Friendships and business don’t always mix

People like familiarity and dealing with folks they know and believe they can trust, but it’s a huge mistake when looking into Colorado Real Estate to pick a friend or family member as a real estate agent. What if this person isn’t good? Besides, selecting a trained professional is a better option in case something goes wrong. The last thing someone wants to do is ruin a relationship because of a real estate deal.

The yes man

Many real estate agents are salesman at heart, and will always tell a customer what he wants to hear. This is dangerous, easily crossing the border between appeasement and truly being helpful. A qualified, professional realtor should challenge assumptions, educate the client, and help that person make the best decision for his or her situation.

Little or no references

References are huge, and we can’t underestimate their importance. While a realtor will always give good references, the key is speaking to as many as possible to try and ferret out honest answers. References will allow a person to evaluate a realtor, providing some third party insight that may otherwise had not been available.

Lack of Associates

Some real estate agents are independent while others work for multi-agent companies. There are some advantages to working with an independent realtor, but don’t dismiss an agent, either, because he or she may share an office with 20 other realtors.

Dismissing an out of town Agent

Trying to go with a local agent is always advisable, but that doesn’t mean an agent from the next zip code won’t be able to sell your house or get you into your dream home.

Open House Addiction

Many realtors are famous for elaborate, staged open house “events,” but don’t be fooled by local cable television ads touting a real estate agent and his or her many open houses. The fact is few homes sell exclusively based on turnout from an open house.

A final mistake to avoid when selecting a realtor is his or her track record, or ignoring it all together. There is a difference between an agent that listed 30 homes and sold 20 compared to one that listed five and sold five. Remember to look at quality over quantity when it comes to number of sales.

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