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Established in 2002 Pat has faithfully represented Buyers and Sellers in real estate throughout the Denver-metro area. He's been able to incorporate his previous experience as a Mortgage Banker (7 years) and Bank Asset Manager (3 years) into his growing Realtor service. With Pat's Mortgage Banker background he knows the hurdles buyers can face when qualifying for a home loan. As a Bank Asset Manager Pat negotiated on behalf of the bank, performing the marketing and sales of bank-owned assets from Florida to Hawaii; elevating his market analysis and pricing for a wide variety of homes. You can trust Pat to represent your very best interests whether you are buying or selling a home.


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Kitchens and Bathrooms Remain Top Remodeling Jobs In Denver

In Denver Real Estate, Home Improvement | on September, 07, 2014 | by
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Remodel a kitchen in Denver

A new survey released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows common remodeling projects have increased, compared to a similar survey from 2010. The survey, released in conjunction with National Home Remodeling Month, describes the changes the remodeling market in Denver has undergone in recent years.

Remodelers report that kitchen and bathroom projects remain the most popular remodeling jobs with home owners increasingly upgrading both rooms and making major repairs as they decide to stay in their current homes longer. With new home sales in Denver up in May remodeling projects are at an all time high. Nearly 50 percent of remodelers report seeing an increase in the number of home owners who undertake remodels to avoid moving compared to the 2010 findings.

Both kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects were up 17 percent from two years ago, with bathroom remodels cited as a common job by 78 percent

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Buying or Renting – Which is Right for You?

In Denver Real Estate, Market News, Moving | on September, 05, 2014 | by
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Many people make the mistake of solely focusing on the financial implications when leaving their old home and making a choice between purchasing a property or renting one. However, as we are going to discuss during the course of this article, there’s so much more to making a choice between buying Colorado real estate or renting your new home. If you want to have any chance of making the “right decision” you need to look at both options from a number of different perspectives and carefully assess the impacts that buying or renting would have on your life. Life is about more than just plain old money; you have to take your personality and preferences into account too.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Buy or Rent Real Estate

buy or rent in ColoradoAs an experienced real estate agent in Denver, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and we can’t ... Read More

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The Top 7 Tips for Finding the Best Homeowner’s Insurance in Denver

In Denver Real Estate, Home Improvement | on September, 01, 2014 | by
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Home Owners Insurance in DenverOwning a home is expensive. Besides costs associated with buying it, there are additional expenses for appliances, interior decorating, landscaping, renovations (a new roof, anyone?), and ongoing maintenance. But what about that other “gotcha” that many homeowners take for granted, homeowner’s insurance? A Real Estate Agent Denver likes to remind consumers that depending on the value and location of your residence, your homeowner’s policy could be several hundred or thousand dollars each year.
Follow these tips to find the best homeowner’s insurance for your Colorado Real Estate and save money.

  1. Comparison shop, not only with denver real estate listings, but with homeowner’s insurance. Saving money takes time and dedication, but saving money on a homeowner’s policy can be just as profitable as saving on groceries, if you put in the effort. Ask friends and family members who they work with. We know of one client who emailed several co-workers for
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Fed to Cut Monthly Bond Purchases to $25B

In Market News, Mortgage Rates | on July, 31, 2014 | by

Whether you are buying or selling a home in the near future, the move by the Federal Government to cut monthly bond purchases will have a dramatic impact on mortgage interest rates…most likely causing them to rise. For Sellers thinking that the average Denver-metro home prices will continue to go up, that theory will be countered with less buyer affordability due to higher interest rates. What does this mean???…if you were holding out to sell for the highest price, you may want to reconsider if you can move now. With higher interest rates, they’ll be less buyers in your price range. For the last few years we’ve adored the low interest rates around 4.25%-4.5%…but things will be quite different when rates are at 5 or 6%.  The Fed’s action to cut monthly bond purchasing will be a major test to see if our economy is as stable as it’s made ... Read More

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Quick & Easy Home Search

In Denver Real Estate, Listing | on June, 03, 2014 | by

Quick & Easy Home Search. 

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