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Getting a Mortgage with a Bad Credit Score
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Getting a Mortgage with a Bad Credit Score

In Mortgage Rates | on March, 04, 2014 | by

Borrowing money from banks and other types of financial institutions has become considerably harder since the financial crash, with qualifying requirements tougher than they have ever been before. Gone are the days when you could get a 100% mortgage wherever you went; these are like dinosaurs now, they don’t exist, they’re extinct. Nowadays even if you’re in a position to put down a large deposit and you have a secure job that pays a respectable salary, you still might be turned down. You can’t exactly blame banks and building societies for being extremely cautious though, as no-one wants a repeat of what happened in 2008! Nevertheless, if you do have a bad credit rating you might be feeling that purchasing property is now nothing but a pipedream, unless you happen to win the lottery that is. But fear not, it is still possible to get a mortgage and buy real ... Read More

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The Top 10 Ways to Boost your Credit Score and Score a Mortgage

In Denver Real Estate, Mortgage Rates | on October, 03, 2012 | by

In today’s volatile economy, with banks ever tightening their requirements for consumer loans, credit score and income are the two biggest factors in determining whether you can land a mortgage for your Denver realty dream home.

10 ways to boost your credit score

  1. A Real Estate Agent Denver always advises clients to review their credit report for mistakes, and dispute them. Get your report from annualcreditreport.com, review it for errors, and work to correct them.
  2. Ask about increasing your credit limit is another piece of advice from a Denver Real Estate Agent. If you have good credit begin with, you may be able to raise your score by getting your credit card company to boost your line of credit.
  3. Don’t close accounts. Accounts with positive standing that you’ve had for years work in your favor, so don’t close them. Use them for small purchases each month, and pay off the
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