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The Top 7 Tips for Finding the Best Homeowner’s Insurance in Denver

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Home Owners Insurance in DenverOwning a home is expensive. Besides costs associated with buying it, there are additional expenses for appliances, interior decorating, landscaping, renovations (a new roof, anyone?), and ongoing maintenance. But what about that other “gotcha” that many homeowners take for granted, homeowner’s insurance? A Real Estate Agent Denver likes to remind consumers that depending on the value and location of your residence, your homeowner’s policy could be several hundred or thousand dollars each year.
Follow these tips to find the best homeowner’s insurance for your Colorado Real Estate and save money.

    1. Comparison shop, not only with denver real estate listings, but with homeowner’s insurance. Saving money takes time and dedication, but saving money on a homeowner’s policy can be just as profitable as saving on groceries, if you put in the effort. Ask friends and family members who they work with. We know of one client who emailed several co-workers for recommendations, and ended up saving more than $800 a year on his homeowner’s policy by switching carriers. And the best news? He received the same coverage as his old policy.


  1. Increase your deductible, to make the insurance on your Real Estate in Colorado more manageable. Deductibles are the amount of money you have to pay toward a loss before your insurance company will pay toward a claim, according to the terms of your homeowner’s policy. The higher your deductible, the less your premium. The standard deductible on most policies nowadays is $500, but if you can afford it upping the deductible to $1000 could save 25 percent. Your Denver Real Estate Agent will also advise you that your deductible may also depend on where you live, as residences located in areas prone to disaster (tornados, flooding) are more costly to insure. In cases such as this, an insurance carrier may have separate deductibles for the type of insurance claim that gets filed.
  2. Buy multiple policies from the same company, as instructors encourage students to do in real estate school denver. If you have multiple cars or other vehicles, get policies through the same company that provides your homeowner’s as most offer discounts on multiple policies. If you have a vacation home, the same idea – have it covered by the same company. Your realtor denver will tell you this could result in savings of 15 percent or more.
  3. Install deadbolt locks, smoke and radon detectors, and burglar alarms. Many of these devices, including a sprinkler system or something as system as a security company sticker on your living room window could result in discounted rates. century 21 denver reminds homeowners the onus is on them, as many companies do not actively promote these discounts. You have to ask.
  4. Look for other discounts to make your denver realty more affordable. Some providers give better rates to those 55 and older, and active or retired military personnel. Some employers and professional associations administer group insurance programs that may offer a better deal than you can get elsewhere.
  5. A Real Estate Agent in Denver, CO can’t stress this enough: Maintain good credit. More insurers are now basing policies on credit scores, which may mean a higher credit score could result in lower homeowner’s premiums.

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