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The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home

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A Denver Real Estate Agent  does much more than just list houses for sale, or help buyers find their dream homes. Part of the relationship between client and agent is educational, helping make buyers and sellers aware of laws, regulations, and market conditions that could play a factor in what they’re trying to accomplish.
A real estate license denver gives buyers and sellers a measure of confidence in knowing the agent they’ve selected is highly trained and experienced. This expertise helps the realtor educate the client on mistakes to avoid when selling a home.

  • I will never allow a client to price a home incorrectly. Part of this process is market research, and not allowing a customer to get caught up in emotions. Just because a friend down the street installed a new kitchen and recouped the full amount when her house sold doesn’t mean you will too. Remember that the first 2-4 weeks is when a new listing generates the most interest. If it hasn’t, then a realtor will discuss altering the listing based on recent sales of similar homes and other factors.
  • Your Denver Real Estate Agent understands the power of curb appeal, but also realizes what goes on inside a home is just as powerful. Pet stains, tobacco odors and cracked paint all result in poor first impressions. Any home that’s for sale needs to look, feel, and smell as good as possible. The fewer problems a potential buyer sees, the more they can envision themselves as the new owners. Remember that buyers look for homes, not just houses.
  • Give potential buyers room to breathe during showings. The last thing someone wants is to be followed around during an open house, given details on every last improvement and how much it cost. As taught in real estate school denver, people who visit during an open house need space.
  • Not knowing your rights and contractual obligations. A contract to sell a home is a legally binding document, giving seller and buyer certain protections depending on the state where the transaction takes place. The onus is on the seller to make sure the contract is clearly written and easy to understand.
  • Signing a listing contract without an out clause. Every realtor wants to sell every home that he or she lists, but despite an agent’s best efforts, a sale may not occur as quickly as a seller hoped. This means the seller must always have a way of terminating an agreement with an agent at any time – preferably written into the contract itself.
  • Ignoring a broad range of marketing opportunities. Few homes are sold through open house listing and classifieds, so sellers and their agents need to utilize other marketing options, like email blasts or social media.
  • Not asking for a marketing plan from the listing agent. As a trained professional with years of experience, your realtor knows the market and what steps need to be taken to sell a home. As a seller, you have a right to that information, so ask for it.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes a seller makes when listing a house for sale is simply choosing the wrong agent. Hard work goes a long way, but equally important is selecting a Realtor in Denver who knows the area, and has excellent communication and marketing skills – meaning the seller receives regular updates and is told what he or she needs to hear, not what he or she may want to hear about their home sale.

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