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Established in 2002 Pat has faithfully represented Buyers and Sellers in real estate throughout the Denver-metro area. He's been able to incorporate his previous experience as a Mortgage Banker (7 years) and Bank Asset Manager (3 years) into his growing Realtor service. With Pat's Mortgage Banker background he knows the hurdles buyers can face when qualifying for a home loan. As a Bank Asset Manager Pat negotiated on behalf of the bank, performing the marketing and sales of bank-owned assets from Florida to Hawaii; elevating his market analysis and pricing for a wide variety of homes. You can trust Pat to represent your very best interests whether you are buying or selling a home.


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Be Sure To Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Moving Company

In Denver Real Estate, Moving | on July, 14, 2012 | by
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Choose A Moving Company DenverOver the years, many of our clients have come to us for advice on making their newly listed homes more appealing, how to secure the best rate in a mortgage, what to look for in a public school system – even which fresh cookie scent appeals more to home buyers, chocolate chip or peanut butter. But when it comes to Real Estate in Colorado, we’ve also offered practical advice on other topics, too, like what kind of questions to ask before hiring a moving company. Here are our favorites.

  1. Can you provide a list of satisfied customers? A Realtor in Denver will always encourage you to ask this. As with any service business, a professional moving company should be able to provide references from satisfied customers. Further, the company should have no hesitation when you ask for it.
  2. If you’ve told the company you want to “Sell my home in
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In Denver Real Estate | on July, 05, 2012 | by
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Certified Distressed Property Expert

Saving Families From Foreclosure

I have recently become a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE).  In today’s market there are a lot of folks having a tough time and facing foreclosure.  Did you know that 7 out of 10 distressed homeowners go into foreclosure without any visible intervention?  There are options.

Can you or someone you know benefit from my services & knowledge?  Neighbor?  Friend?  Family Member?  I have the knowledge & resources to HELP SAVE you from Foreclosure.

Contact me today & let’s get started on your path to recovery !

(303) 881-1333

Learn more at:  www.denvershortsalesrealtor.com

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City vs. Suburbs: What’s Best for the Kids?

In Denver Real Estate, Moving | on June, 27, 2012 | by
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According to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2000 and 2010, there has been a distinct shift in the population during the past decade. While the population of urban areas grew by 12.1 percent, the country’s population overall grew by only 9.7 percent during those same years, revealing a trend toward urban living.

With moving season in full swing, Rent.comsurveyed parents regarding their attitudes about raising kids in the city versus the suburbs to gauge their primary concerns and preferences. According to the survey, city life has its pluses and minuses when deciding where to settle.

For parents raising kids in Denver, the question commonly arises – should we stay in the city, or should we go? Forty-two percent of survey respondents cited they have always lived in the city and are raising their kids there too, and 41.5 percent of respondents are equally dedicated to their suburban ties, choosing to ... Read More

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